HAKD BEAUTY LLC was created to share my personal touch to my very own cosmetic line. The acronym HAKD means hugged and kissed by Deanna. I know a lot of fun right? What I believe makes everyone feel special is LOVE. I've created this line with lots of passion and excitement about the beauty industry. I must admit a new lip gloss seems to always make us ladies shine! HAKD BEAUTY is simple, elegant, classy, and trendy, but with a hint of boldness. It's for EVERYONE to find their beautiful. My goal is to inspire and uplift all women to love who they are inside and out, while feeling confident in their own skin. I want to share some of my favorite beauty trends while promoting self love, yet providing high quality cosmetics. Wear whatever color that makes you feel beautiful, and wear it with pride. Always feel confident, because there is only one you!! That alone to me is beauty!


#GETHAKD is a hashtag that represents an illumination of love that is already inside of you. The brand that was built to encourage, promote, and inspire characteristics of your own unique beauty. No one can duplicate "YOU" in a world that begins with a hug and ends with a kiss. So be sure to use the hashtag #GETHAKD whenever you are wearing our products.